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Eco-friendly Corner Cardboard Edge Protector for Shipping

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Cardboard edge protector, also called cardboard edge guard, corner guard, corner protector, V-board protection, L-profile corner/ angle/ hub etc.
It is manufactured from multiple layers of paperboards, laminated with glue and formed into a rigid right angle (L-shaped profile). This process yields exceptional strength for load stability and packaging protection.
It is used for protection of corners or edges of products, cartons and pallets from damange, especially when untilized load protection maters. It can also be used as support pilars inside the carton to enhance the carton strength. It provides superior load stability, reducing customer rejection rates and improving customer
It is cost effective, environment-friendly, disposable and recyclable.
We supply more than 100 sizes of cardboard edge protectors. The width ranges from 25 mm to 100 mm, while the thickness ranging from 2.5 mm to 100 mm and the length from 50 mm to 6000 mm.
Price: $ 0.68
min order: 600 max order: 24000
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  • 100x100x8x1000 mm


Cardboard Edge Protector 100x100x8x1000 mm

It is L-shaped cardboard with equal width 100 mm and thickness 8 mm. The length is 1000mm. It can be made from 50mm to 6000 mm as customer defines. It is used, together with stretch film or/ and plastic strapping, to protect edges, corners of products, cartons and pallets. It can also be used as support pillars inside the cartons.

 A: width 1;  B: width 2;  C: thickness;  D: length




Weight/ m

Vertical compression strength

Bending strength

Dimension tolerance


100x100x8x1000 mm


1000 g/ m

5200 N

2200 N

width +/- 2mm, thickness+/- 0.2mm, length +/- 2mm

12+/- 2%

---RoHS test is OK.

---The dimensions can be changed by the client.

---The color can be changed to white or any color you like.

---Imprinting inside or outside available on agreement: client company name and logo etc.

---Packaging: Usually strapped in bundles which are packed in cartons or on pallets. Can be packed in cartons for short lengths on agreement.


-Reduction in Product Damage: less chance of products being crushed during shipping and storage.
-Increased Load Stability: maximum strapping tension can be used without crushing products.
-Improved Shipping & Handling: allows more products to be placed on pallets, reducing handling costs and increasing warehouse and shipping space.
-Increased Profits: reduced products damage means less rejection of product by customers.
-Can be used with nails, staples and screws.
-Sturdy and reusable.

-Eco-friendly, disposable and 100% recyclable.

MOQ: 600 pcs/ a pallet


0.68 USD/ pc in FOB Shenzhen or Guangzhou term.

EXW., FCA, CIF, DDU and DDP also acceptable on agreement.

Discount available for large quantities, say a 20ft container or 40ft container.


The size (width, thickness and length) can be changed as per customer requirements, with width ranging from 25 mm to 100 mm, thickness ranging from 2.5 mm to 10 mm, and length ranging from 50 mm to 6000 mm. Skin color can be changed to white or other colors. Imprinting of images, logos or messages can be done on agreement.

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