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Bacteria Resistant Pallet Layer Wrapping Paper for Food Industry

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We are offering a variety of water resistant wrapping papers. They are made of heavy-duty kraft sheets plus PE coating on one single side or both sides.
They are widely used as wrappers or liners for electroic products, metals and auto parts. The are also used as covers on top of pallets, dividers between layers of products, covers on of products. They are resistant to water, greease, oil, mold, bacteria, insects, nails, splinters and intercross contamination. They are ideally applied when products are refrigerated, or stored in freezers or cool rooms on in humid conditions.
They are OK for ROHS and REACH tests, 100% recyclable and cost effective.
They can be customized on sizes, kraft GSM and PE coating GSM, kraft color and finish (gloss or matt).
Price: $ 0.23 / pcs
min order: 5000 pcs max order: 125000 pcs
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  • 1370 x 1092 mm


Moisture barrier Wrapping paper

They are made of kraft sheet plus a PE (polyethylene) film coated on one single side.



Kraft sheet Thickness

PE coating each side


GW/ pallet

1370 x 1092 mm

120 GSM

13~15 GSM

5000 pcs/ pallet

~1025 kg


Used to wrap products (electronic parts, metal parts, auto parts, food etc.) to prevent contamination from mold, moisture and dust. Can be also used as interleaving sheet between layers of products to help improve the stability of the pallet stack.  Also used on top of products to prevent dust and water.


- Not affected by moisture and does not wrinkle or shrink with environmental changes;
-  Resistant to oils and greases;
-  Good dimensional stability and flatness;
- Good barrier to water vapor, mould and bacteria;
- High gloss (can be made matt);
- Good performance on high speed lamination;
-  Low electrostatic charge;
- Good puncture and flex-crack resistance over a wide range of temperatures, thus protection products from splinters and insects;

-OK for RoHS and REACH tests;
- Recyclable;

-Cost effective.


The size, kraft GSM and PE coating GSM can be defined by customers. The sheet color brown can be changed into white or any other color you like. They can also be provided in rolls.

Prices & Supplying Terms:

0.23 USD/ piece, 1150 USD/ 5000 pcs/ a pallet in FOB Shenzhen or Guangzhou term.

CIF, CNF, DDP, DAP and FCA are ok on agreement.

 Discount available for 20ft container or 40ft container quantity.

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