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PP Corrugated Sheet 2 mm

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Plastic corrugated sheets, also known as plastic coreflute sheets, twin-wall sheets, corriboards, hollow plastic sheets. They are usually made of PP (polypropylene), sometimes can be made of PE (polyethylene) as required. PP corrugated sheet is a hollow plastic PP sheet which consists of two parallel plates (walls) connected by vertical ribs. It is eco-friendly and recyclable, light-weighted, impact (excellent strength to weight ratio) and water resistance with excellent physical and chemical properties, making it widely used in industrial packaging, building, advertising and other industires.
Standard sheets can be modified with additives, which are melt-blended into the sheet to meet specific needs of the end-user. Special products that require additives include: ultra-violet protection, anti-static, conductive, flame retardant, custom colors, corrosive
inhibitors, static-dissipative among others.
Price: $ 2
min order: 1000 max order: 25000
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  • 2 mm


PP corrugated sheet





Specific weight


Specific weight   change?

2 mm

Max 2500mm

Max 6000 mm

400 GSM


Yes as required

Customization available on agreement.

---Other sizes standard available: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm with standard GSM 500, 700, 850, 1300 respectively. Nonstandard thickness to be negotiated.

--- other colors such as red, green, black, white etc., to be provided on agreement.

---Weathering: UV stabilized corriboard has an extended outdoor life 5~7years under normal China weather conditions.

---Conductive Corriboard: Supplied in black only. Surface electric resistivity 104~ 109 OHMS. Anti-static corriboard: Supplied in any color and grade. Surface electric resistivity1010  OHMS.

Flame retardant grade: Corriboard can be extruded with flame retardant additives to meet flame retardant requirements on customer request.

Fabrication: Corriboard can be die cut, untra-sonically welded, hot-air welded, glued or stapled as customer requires.

Filled grades: Talc-filled grades are provided to enhance the rigidity, surface smoothness and thermal stability of the sheet.


---portable and long-lasting: Its high strength-to weight ratio makes it an excellent material choice needing portability without sacrificing durability, compared to traditional solid materials such as wood, glass, glass, metal etc.

---adaptability and versatility: Easy to cut, shape and fabricate into different designs for many purposes such as packaging, displays, partitions and posting signs.

---impervious to water, oil, acids, alkalis and other corrosive solutions, avoiding solvents or stress crack agents and strong acids or oxidizing agents.


---simple to clean and maintain. Compared to cloth or wood, PP corrugated sheets are easy to wipe or rinse off dirt, dust and stains.

---good printability for detailed images and vivid texts with eye-catching designs.

---resistant to impact: This function makes it ideal as shock absorber protecting products when shipping fragile or easily broken objects such as glasses, auto parts, and electronic components etc.

---thermal barrier: It can be used as thermal insulator keeping everything steady and warm inside. For example, to construct temperature-controlled enclosures, pack perishable items, and construct insulating barriers.

---Special features gained by fabricated with additives: sunlight resistance, electricity conductive, flame retardant, thermally conductive, anti-static etc.

---good quality with competitive price and fast delivery as made in China our specializing factory.

MOQ: 1000 kg

Price: 2.00 USD/ kg, 2000 USD / 1000 kg in FOB term.

Other terms such as FCA, CIF, DAP etc. are acceptable on agreement.

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